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What You Need to Know About Hand-Woven Rugs

mar, 2018
These rugs are produced manually in our traditional looms and the weaving process is called flat weave, since no knots are used and the surface looks flat. Two perpendicular rows of threads, the wrap and weft, are interlaced to form the rug. The width can go up to 5m, whilst the length presents no limitations. Flat weaving is a popular technique that has been used to create number of rug types including some of the most popular and trendy rug styles in modern design.
The art of weaving rugs is so important that nearly every culture in the world has developed it, with some reaching levels of technique so intricate and complex that the artistry of the pieces that they created has lasted for generations. As a result, there are almost as many types of rugs as there are cultures to have produced them. And while each of them, from the most venerable antique to the newest modern version, all have their uses and charm, one of the most generally useful types you can buy are flat weave rugs.

It doesn’t require much care
The flat profile means these rugs don’t trap as much dirt as other kinds. To clean a flat weave rug, just vacuum it quickly — It requires no special care. Some flat weave rugs are even machine washable and reversible, so if any unexpected situation occurs, you just flip it over and no one has to know. The flat profile may cause flat weave rugs to slip on the floor, though. You may want to add a pad beneath a flat weave rug to prevent slippage and to add cushion.

Flat weave rugs are suitable everywhere
Flat weave rugs aren't just great seasonable pieces because they can be easily removed and replaced. They can also have a beneficial effect on the temperature inside your space that can last all throughout the year. People have been using rugs for insulation for centuries. And like all rugs, flat woven rugs can help to insulate a room, keeping heat in and utility costs down during the colder months of the year.

Unleash your imagination, anything is possible
This rugs come in a wonderful variety of colors and patterns that make them a delight to look at and a joy to decorate with. From simple yet timeless stripe patterns to sophisticated geometrics formed from interwoven shapes, whatever the different pattern motifs in your room might be, you're almost guaranteed to find a woven rug that will complement them all while giving a layered sense of coherence to the entire space.
Here in Ferreira de Sá, every step is important. The dyeing process takes place at our premises, by the hands of the most experienced professionals. We stock a wide range of stunning colors in our warehouse and also offer the possibility of custom dye. Our design and commercial team have the competence and the know-how to choose the best material and create special patterns. For us, each piece is unique, special and tailored.

Hand-Woven Technique & Ferreira de Sá: The Connection
Weaving has been part of human history since the beginning times. Nowadays, in Ferreira de Sá, we still keep the same traditional wooden looms from 1946, in which we have been creating unique master pieces, woven by hand. However, we have also modern looms to manufacture the updated requests of our demanding and luxurious market.
Using nothing but the finest natural materials, our rugs ensure an everlasting beauty look and extremely high resistance to traffic. Wooden looms are used, in which two distinct sets of yarns are interlaced amongst the weft and warp to form different patterns and personalized designs. We are proud of our heritage and we cherish and rely on the expertise and know-how acquired over the past 70 years to continue to create new designs and products without ever neglecting the origins of the art that we master.

We create beautiful masterpieces
In addition to their obvious beauty, flat weave rugs offer a number of great benefits, both functionally and aesthetically, that make them one of our hands-down favorites for decorating. Whether is a small rug, or a large carpet, we focus on each detail to make sure that it is perfect.


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