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Our commitment to the planet

jun, 2020

When we reflect on the current state of our planet, we understand that in order to ensure good conditions for successor generations, there must be a change in mentality regarding the use of resources.
At Ferreira de Sá we understand this and take our commitment to the planet seriously. We know that the textile industry is very pollutant and we always look for ways to minimize the negative impacts that we may bring about to the planet.
In this sense, the partnership with Regenerated Yarn emerged, which combats the global problem of waste and pollution, reusing resources and guaranteeing biodiversity as well as future sustainability.
With this new raw material, it is possible to reduce the carbon footprint by about 80%, by not using crude oil as a base material.
Regenerated Yarn comes from fishing nets lost in the oceans and the remains of tissues. These fishing nets, in addition to trapping and killing various marine animals, also influence the growth of erosive species that end up further damaging biodiversity.

Through Regenerated Yarn, we are able to produce a rug that not only stands out in all areas of durability and practicality, but also reduces the use of fibers of animal and vegetable origin, highly harmful to the environment.

A complex process
The process of regenerating and purifying Nylon is quite complex. Initially, fabrics and nets are collected from landfills and oceans around the world. Subsequently, the materials are deconstructed and the Nylon is reused, following an intense process of regeneration and purification. The material is recycled and returned to its original purity, which means that Regenerated Yarn regenerated nylon is exactly the same as virgin nylon. Finally, the new nylon is processed into yarn and used in the production of our rugs.

Our commitment
The use of Regenerated Yarn underlines our mentality that waste may not be the end of the process, but the beginning. We believe that these nets and fabric remains should not be seen as waste but as valuable resources that can be reused infinitely, always complying with the highest quality standards of Ferreira de Sá.

"In my opinion and professional experience, Regenerated Yarn is the best raw material. I believe that it perfectly incorporates the concept, the mentality and the awareness of a huge problem that our world faces today."
Fernanda Barbosa, CEO


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